117 new Peppa Pig episodes are coming – and its owner has signed a film deal too

BRACE yourselves parents…there are more than 100 new episodes of Peppa Pig on the way.

Entertainment One, the company behind the cartoon swine sensation, has started to make a new series with 117 episodes to be launched in Spring 2019.

The popular cartoon character is going to feature in 117 new episodes

With 264 episodes having already graced parents’ TV screens, this new batch will take the total number of shows up 381.

Current episodes will continue to air until end of next year.

You’ll be able to catch the new episodes on Channel 5’s Milkshake and Nickelodeon Junior.

Earlier this week, Entertainment Online also announced a new joint film venture with the company behind Oscar-winning film The Revenant this week, as part of its plan to produce more original movies.

The company also warned that it will take a £47 million hit to profits as it shifts its focus from kids’ TV to its film business.

Peppa and the gang are also set to extend their world domination.

New toys are set to be launched in Brazil and there could be a plan to set up a licensing deal in Russia too.

In China, Peppa Pig has generated more than 24.5 billion views on multiple streaming or subscription-based on-demand platforms since the brand was launched two years ago.

Fans of the pig have already been graced with a film – and there could be more in the pipeline

Peppa and the gang are set for worldwide domination

The Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience film launched in cinemas across the country last month.

Harley Bird, the voice of Peppa Pig, shocked Philip Schofield when she appeared on This Morning last month.

Harley, 15, has been working as the voice for the famous children’s character for the past decade.

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